Tencia Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets feature easily maintains accurate and timely balances on assets calculating both book and tax values. This gives you a complete movement and history of assets including depreciation calculations, reevaluations, disposals and asset transfers.

Fixed assets feature includes:

  •  Assets can be categorized by asset type and location.
  •  Maintain both book and tax value for assets.
  •  Ability to create new assets from existing asset details.
  •  Perform diminishing, straight line or prime cost depreciations.
  •  Flexible depreciation calculations including calculations, and frequency such as, daily, monthly, quarterly, six monthly and yearly.
  •  Revalue or write-off assets.
  •  Partly or totally transfer assets.
  •  Purchase of new assets can either be entered via Purchase Orders, Creditors or directly entered via the Fixed Assets module.
  •  A private usage percentage can be entered for each asset.
  •  Asset Pooling
  •  Multiple general ledger posting accounts based on asset type and location.
  •  Depreciation processing can be selected by asset code, asset type or asset location.

Fixed asset reports include:

  •  Fixed Assets details.
  •  Fixed Assets ledger.
  •  Transaction list.
  •  Depreciation schedule.
  •  Movement report.
  •  Deferred tax list.
  •  Private usage report.
  •  Maintenance due report.
  •  Insurance report.
  •  Exception report.
  •  Stocktake report.
  •  Fixed asset labels.