Moving hardware

Technology is delicate and even moving it a short distance around the office is a risky time for your hardware. Give your technology the best chance of surviving the move and call Information Synergy to help you manage hardware relocation. We can arrange careful moving services for desktop PCs, servers, printers, multi-function devices and any other delicate technology you might have.

Secure Remote and Network Access

Do you access the office from home or via a mobile device? Remote access is a common request from businesses today but ensuring that your connection is secure from external threats can often be overlooked even by so called “expert” IT professionals. Information Synergy has extensive experience in providing secure remote access solutions using the latest firewall, network encryption and VPN technologies.

Application Support

For many small companies managing a suite of disparate applications can be a confusing and frustrating business, with a lack of personal support from software companies and vendors being a common complaint.

Information Synergy provides a range of server solutions to match your business needs. Our services can be tailored to your specific requirements, and can range from a fully-tailored monitoring and management program to ‘as required’ support to assist with issues that you require assistance with. Information Synergy recommends and supplies solutions built on quality products from major enterprise vendors. Whilst we only recommend high quality equipment from respectable enterprise suppliers, we offer our support services to all clients, regardless of the origin of their equipment.