Strategic Planning

What’s your technology strategy? Do you know what IT services your business will demand in 1, 2 or 5 years’ time? Should you buy off the shelf or build a custom made solution? The technology team at Information Synergy can help you make strategic decisions regarding the technology you use today and help you plan for your technology future. Understanding current trends in technology and planning the implementation of new technology can keep you ahead of your competitors and save you money.

Executive Consulting

Information Synergy consultants are IT Service Management professionals with decades of experience in managing technology in organisations of all sizes. We can provide consulting services to executive staff in your business regarding IT service management, strategy, projects and technology implementation. Our experienced consultants are available for short-term consulting services to assess your IT position or rescue a failed technology project, or can provide full service consulting to manage your end-to-end IT needs.

Project Management

Ineffective project management of IT projects is one of the most common corporate financial sink holes. While keeping up with modern technology can mean dominating your competitors, a badly managed IT project can spell big problems. With our extensive experience, Information Synergy can provide project management services that ensure that time, cost, scope, risk, business case and quality are all carefully managed to ensure your projects are successful every time.