We recommend and sell a range of mainstream products to support your business requirements.

Server Hardware & Software

Do you need to replace a server on your network? Information Synergy can advise you and assist in specifying the configuration that will meet your requirements for performance, data protection, and reliability. We can help you choose the right equipment for your application and within your budget.

Our team will: • Recommend and source equipment from major vendors through authorised distribution channels • Configure and build server systems to meet your exact requirements • Plan the server deployment and execute the deployment plan to ensure a smooth transition to your new equipment.

We recommend products from trusted brands such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Software Licensing

Information Synergy supplies a large range of business applications and software, from accounting and ERP packages to office productivity software, anti-virus solutions and operating systems. We can provide a one-stop shop for all your business software needs and can centralise your software license details in our records so you always know who to call when you need a license key or information about your software.

Desktops, Notebooks, Networking and Other Peripherals

We can quote for your desktop, notebook and general office IT requirements, including printers, networking equipment and other general-purpose hardware and software.

Specialty Hardware (POS Equipment, Warehouse Scanning, Barcode Printing)

Information Synergy can evaluate your business requirements and provide you with the correct solution to meet your specialised business operational requirements.