Application Support

For many small companies managing a suite of disparate applications can be a confusing and frustrating business, with a lack of personal support from software companies and vendors being a common complaint.

At Information Synergy, within our portfolio of services we frequently work with 3rd party vendors on integration projects and can bring together the expertise required to assist you to manage more complex requirements.

Information Synergy is happy to work with 3rd party vendors to ease the implementation and support of these 3rd party applications.

We can also provide the hands-on technical support for other vendor’s to take the load from your staff who may not be accustomed to following complex technical instructions provided by remote support providers.

Application Integration

Getting your data organised is often a huge challenge for organisations using technology today. Modern organisations usually collect a huge amount of data from different source applications so wouldn’t it be great if they could all talk to one another?

This concept is what Application Integration is all about - getting your apps to speak the same language to reduce double handling or re-keying of business data that is a big cause of wasted time and money.

Most modern applications are built with some kind of integration in mind but integrating systems can still be a tricky business - so make sure you get the right people on the job before starting any integration project.

Information Synergy can manage your Integration projects no matter what the technology or the source data looks like.