Efficiency is a beautiful thing

Pronto Xi 730 has a completely redesigned user interface which is simple, beautiful and even easier to use.

The new web-based user interface requires no installation but still features all the functionality and power Pronto users have come to expect.

More than just a pretty face, the user interface features myriad improvements that will make users more efficient than ever.

Easy as ABC

Whichever Pronto Xi modules you are using, there is a consistency in format and function that makes learning new modules quick and easy.

Although modernised, the web-based UI retains the familiarity of Pronto Xi. Navigating screens and menus, entering and viewing data, running reports, and configuring user preferences and favourites are all straightforward. Differences in data entry needs are catered for, whether you’re using a keyboard and mouse or a touch-screen mobile device.

Highly Accessible

Using a web-based UI means you can do what you need to do, when you need to do it, from any device and without any software installation. For system administrators, rolling out new client updates, or adding additional system users is more straightforward. And both desktop-based and web-based UI’s can be employed at the same time.

Fast, faster, Pronto

The web-based UI is remarkably fast, thanks to innovative and leading edge technology which provides a real-time connection between the user and the Pronto Xi database.

Data entry validation happens at a field-level, not at the end once the form is submitted. Not only does this avoid any lag time and data re-entry, it also ensures that business process rules are followed during a transaction, making the user more productive and helping them to complete their tasks as efficiently as possible.


Less managing, more doing

Financial analysis is now more straight-forward thanks to a simple ‘parent-child’ General Ledger Hierarchy. Produce reports just the way you want them, whether using out-of-the-box templates or creating your own, more complex hierarchies.

With the addition of an Employee Portal, managing your human resources is also less time-consuming. Built as a fully responsive web application, managers have direct access to employee-related information, while employees can quickly perform day-to-day tasks, such as entering timesheets and project allowances.

To ease your Payroll administration burden, there is a more intuitive organisational structure with clear, graphic displays, and enhanced staff leave features.


Get straight to the point (of sales)

A good business relationship is based on open communication and ready responsiveness. Pronto Xi Mobile Sales is the ultimate companion for sales professionals in the field as it combines Business Intelligence, Inventory, CRM, Customer and Sales features all within an easy to use HTML5 application. For greater insight when it’s needed a customised Rep dashboard makes it easier to track progress and remain on target.

With seamless integration to Pronto Xi, Mobile Sales offers a complete customer profile view with access to sites, leads, contacts, transactions, client attributes and the ability to maintain scheduled and ad hoc activities on the road.


We see clear skies ahead

To simplify the forecasting process, the standard advanced forecast and manual forecast entry functions have now been combined into a single processing screen. Even if you use a mix of automatic and manual forecasts, you can view and manage them via the same interface.

A new Datagrid within the WMS application now displays all the location types in a simple, clear format. Warehouse transactions have also been moved into a log enquiry screen with greater access to more detailed information.

To simplify ‘housekeeping’, a Bulk Sales Order Cancellation enhancement allows a wide range of unfulfilled sales order types to be cancelled in bulk.


Enjoy material benefits

A number of Bill of Materials (BOM) enhancements have added flexibility and accuracy, especially for businesses with more than one production facility. For example, you can:

Change the factory code against the BOM Header if, say, a second production facility is added at a later date'

Include a factory (or warehouse) parameter within the BOM Cost Rollup screen to help maintain costs within multiple production facilities

Re-define BOM Types when using the BOM Copy feature

Perform a BOM Cost Simulation that draws the default warehouse of the components for the simulation from the source warehouse.


Working in perfect harmony

Project Tasks makes it easy to manage projects by activity and duration. You can allocate resources, track progress and link Purchase Orders, Picking Slips, Resources and CBS elements to control commitments at the activity level.

Mobile Service now delivers on site Invoicing and payment receipting to significantly improve cash flow and boost customer satisfaction.

With real time connectivity to Pronto Xi Service, field service technicians can deliver better service outcomes and achieve a faster call-to-cash process than ever before.

Whether delivering service for business or consumer markets, Pronto Xi Mobile Service provides unique features to achieve a faster call resolution.


Get the picture

Pronto Xi Business Intelligence (BI) allows you to analyse every aspect of your business performance, driving efficiency from the top floor to the shop floor.

A complete set of ready-to-go Operational Reports can be sourced directly from live transactional data. Sophisticated analytics make it easy for managers to discover what's working well and what isn't.

Push Data Intelligence data definitions straight out to form a BI report in IBM Cognos. Enrich reports by combining the output data definition with existing BI Reporting packages. Tightly coupled with IBM Cognos, you have the user environment and tools necessary to transform transactional data into clear business insights.


Broaden your horizons

It’s now easier and faster for Administrators to set up and configure applications thanks to a series of performance, configuration and diagnostics improvements in the Pronto Connect architecture. It’s also easier for developers to integrate third party applications to Pronto Xi, and use a wider selection of APIs.

The cloud-based business applications, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work, are now supported and integrated. This provides greater flexibility with spreadsheet, email and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

Monetary, inventory and sales order fields, among others, are now longer to allow larger values to be stored in Pronto Xi.