Is Tencia accounting software right for you?

  •  Have you outgrown your existing Accounting package or software?
  •  Are you looking for an Accounting solution that grows alongside your business?
  •  Do you need to track your sales orders and purchase orders better?
  •  Has your business grown internationally and your requirements are no longer being met by your existing software?

Tencia's core system includes:

  General Ledger   Stock   Serial Batch Tracking
  Cashbook   Purchase Orders   Advanced Sales Analysis
  Debtors    Foreign Currency   Special Pricing Matrix
  Creditors    Multi - Company   Tencia Report Designer
  Sales Orders     Security      


Tencia's Specialist Modules

  Job Costing
   Bill of Materials
   Fixed Assets
   Tencia Connect Enterprise

Arrow Financials

Arrow Financials is a leading Australian accounting software solution. Arrow Financials has been specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses by Arrow Research Corporation.

Thousands of businesses, across a broad range of industries including wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, professional services and not for profits, depend on Arrow Software, in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to address the business challenges that they face each day.

Arrow Financials and ArrowSQL are modular accounting and business management solutions, which are compatible with both Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7. ArrowSQL offers all the features of Financials but with added power of a Microsoft SQL database. ArrowSQL is built on a Microsoft SQL server database, allowing organisations to capitalise on the business intelligence derived from ArrowSQL through the use of crystal reports and Microsoft Analysis Server.

Is Arrow Financials or ArrowSQL right for my business?

  •  Arrow Financials is ideal for organisations that have outgrown their off the shelf applications. Like MYOB or Quicken.
  •  Arrow Financials is well suited to organisations looking to simplify their multiple currency management.
  •  Suites organisations seeking to automate and better manage their intercompany transactions.
  •  Consolidate their multi-company reporting.
  •  Improve the management of their working capital.
  •  Organisations looking for advanced stock management, Arrow software easily deals with stock in multiple locations and complex pricing structures.
  •  Integrates easily with other products/solutions.
  •  Need access to real time highly customisable reports and financial information.

Arrow Financials consists of 11 modules and 9 options, (optional add-ons). Organisations can select the modules and add-ons that best meet their needs, so they have an accounting solution that is customised to meet their business needs.

The software package consists of the following modules.

  • Cashbook
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Stock
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll (Australia only)
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Bill of Materials
  • Fixed Assets
  • Foreign Currency

Options available include

  • Multi Stock Location
  • Serial Batch Tracking
  • Security System
  • Advanced Forms Printing
  • Multi-company
  • Data Transfer and Advanced Sales Analysis

The modules can be integrated or stand alone, single or Multi user.

Arrow Financials gives you....

  •  Deep functionality;
  •  A fully integrated solution;
  •  Affordable and easy to use software;
  •  Intuitive screens layouts and easy to read reports;
  •  A scalable solution that grows alongside your business;
  •  Suitable for one or hundreds of users;
  •  Comprehensive security features so important financial data is accurate and secure;
  •  Seamless data interchange with third party applications such as Microsoft Excel or other external software applications using the Arrow Link gateway;
  •  Modular – Flexibility to select the modules and optional add-ons that apply to your business.
  •  Australian Payroll

 Click here to download module listing

A System That Adapts To Your Unique Requirements

Pronto Xi is modular, which means you can build it around your business – not the other way round. As your business grows, so too does the software running it. Constantly adapting to new challenges to reveal new insights.  Pronto Xi’s easy upgrade path means you can add modules to your existing system as soon as you need them. Pronto Xi is also platform-independent, so you can choose the most cost-effective option for your business. This flexibility is vital for maintaining consistency and accuracy as your business grows. Whether you’re a solo act or a cast of thousands, Pronto Xi makes sure you have everything you need, as soon as you need it.